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What is the Lexus Melbourne Cup?

The Lexus Melbourne Cup is Australia's most famous annual thoroughbred horse race, garnering an estimated 750 million people worldwide each year.


First run in 1861, the annual celebration of horse racing was organized by the Victoria Racing Club on the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria as part of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.
Dubbed ‘The Race That Stops A Nation™’, The Melbourne Cup is a public holiday in Melbourne as well as select regions in Victoria. In 2020, over $8 million was awarded to Melbourne Cup horses, with over $4 million and bonuses awarded to the winning horse, Twilight Payment.

Fashion in the Metaverse

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What is ZED RUN?

Imagine a world where you can buy, own, trade, breed, and race your very own digital racehorse. Welcome to ZED RUN. 


ZED RUN is a futuristic horse racing game built on the blockchain, where thousands of stable owners participate in more than 1,500 live races a day which are broadcast 24/7 to millions. Enter a world where everyone can partake and enjoy the sport of horse racing. 

In ZED RUN, our purest and rarest thoroughbreds are known as Genesis racehorses. Genesis are first-generation racehorses and only 38,000 will ever exist. 

What is the Event?

The Melbourne Cup Carnival at ZED RUN HQ is a virtual celebration of Australia’s greatest sporting event! Think of it as a watch party, but instead of attending in-person, attendees transport themselves to a virtual land called the ‘metaverse’ where they can gather together and enjoy the festivities.
We’ll have everything from music provided by DJ Havana Brown, livestreams of the Lexus Melbourne Cup projected on big screens, and free ‘fashion in the metaverse’ Birdcage-esque attire giveaways that attendees will be able to wear! Attendees will also be able to buy additional custom-made avatar wearables to further impress at the Carnival party. 

November 2nd 2:30am UTC

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The Auction 

A rare collection of ten nostalgic NFTs featuring some of the Melbourne Cup Carnival’s most legendary races will include exclusive real-world experiences. These NFTs will be available for a limited time through an auction on Derby Day, 30th October. The auction will open 30th October and conclude 4th November. 

As an added bonus, all 10 NFTs will include a pair of tickets to the 2022 Melbourne Cup and one Victoria Racing Club VIP experience. Prizes are not transferable, but the NFT may be sold on the secondary market as a standalone NFT with no real world utility. 

See Terms & Conditions 


VRC NFT Auction Example.png
VRC NFT Auction Example.png
VRC NFT Auction Example.png

A Big Event? You Bet. 

While the logical inclination would be to assume the Lexus Melbourne Cup is Australia’s version of the Kentucky Derby, a much closer comparison, at least when it comes to American sporting events, would be the Super Bowl. For those outside of the United States, consider this Australia’s own personal condensed version of the World Cup.


This race is big. That big.


The 161st Lexus Melbourne Cup will take place at Melbourne, Australia’s legendary Flemington Racecourse, which opened its doors in 1840. The track has enough space to house over 120,000 spectators. For comparison’s sake, that’s 14,000 more fans than can fit in the University of Southern California’s famous Rose Bowl.


Want to Purchase An Outfit for the Metaverse Event? 


About The Victoria Racing Club (VRC)

Since its establishment in 1864, the VRC has been instrumental in the development of Australian and Victorian racing. As custodians of Flemington Racecourse, the VRC host the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Australia’s pre-eminent sporting and cultural event. While a racing event at its core, the Carnival transcends traditional sporting events with its unique combination of sport, fashion, entertainment, hospitality and business.

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